Real Creativity Innovation

Posted By Faye

Date: September 10th, 2014

Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual – ARTHUR KOESTLER.

Often in life we ignore real creativity Innovation and creative thinking from the earliest memories of a child as we are commonly taught to ‘follow’ other children and then adults like tin soldiers into adulthood. Who ever taught you to think and listen within? Or that real creativity Innovation – does not come from outside of our being. In fact, we are born within of unlimited creativity and innovation if only we would learn the art of listening, believing and journeying within.

Some of the greatest architects, sculptors, artists, businessmen, businesswomen, doctors, celebrities male and female would never have effectively contributed to society had they never listened, journeyed and believed within. I believe we are living in a technological world where creative ideas and real creativity innovation is the principle ruling universal force.

By this I mean the Internet and modern day inventions is now allowing the world of people to design, write, create and innovate without limit. We cannot produce enough hours in the day to keep up or satisfy the demand’s of the world. Even now the world competes with each and every inhabitant mind against mind and innovation against innovation directly over the World Wide Web.

This is perhaps how thing’s always were and has now come “Full Circle” back to our origin within. No longer can education claim to have fashioned anything as we see in the new modern world of technology most things are being created out of spirit to spirit, passion and innate wisdom.

In Feb 2010, the BBC reported that Peter Horrocks the new director has ordered Journalists to use Social Media. He describes modern-day technology as: “This isn’t just a kind of fad from someone who’s an enthusiast of technology. I’m afraid you’re not doing your job if you can’t do those things. It’s not discretionary”, he is quoted as saying in the BBC in-house weekly Ariel.” [Source: Guardian.Co.UK]


What most people do not realize and will struggle to make the shift of what was into what is now being the old industrial, manufacturing world into the new modern technological, services world. All this adds up to one thing you INNOVATE, CREATE OR FADE into oblivion. No, this does not necessarily mean you have to relocate, do a degree or heavily invest. It could just be that you start by listening within, meditating, take a sabbatical and get in touch with YOU for a change – within. YOU will be amazed of the limitless wisdom one carries within that is just waiting to instruct you how to be the next MySpace, YouTube or Facebook, now worth an estimated 1 billion USD.

Taking time out to listen to only you is the seat of not only universal wisdom, innovation and creation but your potential future. Technology now gives everyone around the world an even playing-field. Journalists have all been dethroned from what once was a specialist field has now become a global mom and pop field because everyone now can write, type and press send or submit. Of course, there is still novice and professional but with millions of people online you may receive as much if not more views or licks than most journalists.

The bottom line is fear not. Take the time to listen to your creative ideas, then innovate and create your world and passion and watch life uplift, bless and empower you beyond your wildest dreams online or offline.

Style Sheets vs. Frames as Web Extensions

Posted By Faye

Date: September 3rd, 2014

Category: innovation

In considering how to extend the Web with new technologies, it is instructive to compare Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) with frames. CSS is an elegantly designed extension, whereas frames suck, as I have said many times CSS is backward compatibleto the extent that viewing a style-enhanced site with an older browser causes no problems at all. Of course, the user doesn’t see the stylistic enhancements made possible by CSS (e.g., multiple fonts and indented margins), but the text of the page will be readable and will be presented in a reasonable default style (of course, the extent to which you deem the default presentation reasonable depends on your assessment of the quality of typography in mainstream browsers: admittedly rather poor). In contrast, a page designed with frames is useless for a user with an old browser.CSS isorthogonal to other featuresin Web browsing. When multiple style sheets become supported in future releases of the mainstream browsers, users might want to learn the command to switch between styles, but they won’t have to. Read the rest of this entry »

Windows VPS Hosting – Gold Mine For Software Developers

Posted By Faye

The Windows VPS hosting solutions have made it much easier for website and software developers alike. These plans have made it easier in the areas of cost effectiveness, application installation and server control. There are very few technical differences between a virtual server and a dedicated server, while there is a large difference in price. VPS hosting solutions have become the most popular hosting solution in recent times because of these reasons.

Cost Effectiveness

As stated before, today’s virtual servers offer almost all of the benefits that dedicated servers do. You must purchase a physical system to run your websites on a dedicated server, whereas there is no need for physical equipment with a virtual private server. Webmasters and software developers prefer virtual servers because the dedicated server systems are expensive to buy. They are still able to customize their applications because virtual servers allow them to access any previously stored computer resources.


Having a Windows VPS hosting account makes the whole server process a lot more convenient. Depending on the host you choose, your virtual server can be managed and closely watching by the host company. Most companies offer burstable RAM, which makes it more convenient for webmasters and software developers to complete smaller tasks. The resource capacity on your server will be managed by your host and you will be notified if you need to upgrade to a higher usage account.

Unlimited Program Usage

Many developers use different programs to create software. A shared server puts limits on the applications that can be used on the server. On the other hand, any application (as long as it is legal) is allowed to be used with a Windows VPS hosting account. If need be, developers can even combine different applications on the server. This flexibility gives developers and webmasters so much more leeway in their creations. Open source applications are another perk of Windows VPS hosting. These applications are offered for free, as opposed to high costing proprietary applications.

Backing Up Your Data: Online

Posted By Faye

Date: August 20th, 2014

Category: innovation


We all need to back up our files from our personal computers. It is an important practice that users must observe. Yet it is always often taken for granted. When we fail to do so, we lose important documents, photos, videos and contacts and so much more. Sad to say hard drives are not always safe to back your files up. It has a life cycle. Given around 8-10 years. Considering that it doesn’t bog down due to power surge. You may opt to use file recovery applications. But these are often than not, time consuming.The best way is to prevent it from happening rather than looking for softwares to retrieve your lost files. So as a rule of thumb, we are suggested to back up our files every time you have a new and important file to keep.

Some important data to back up are:

  • Family photos
  • Documents
  • Bookmarks
  • Address book
  • Emails
  • Work files and folders

There might be files you want to save. Its really up to you which is important to keep in case your hard drive fails. You should go through your computer and think about any information you would not want to lose if your hard drive should fail.

Web 2.0 business skills innovator DTV announces key appointments to lead strategy, content & sales

Posted By Faye

Date: August 20th, 2014

Category: Announcement

Web 2.0 technology-enabled learning and development innovator DTV delivers engaging, relevant, up-to-date business skills videos direct to desktops, the key strategy, is that the content and sales management roles at April-launch business skills video producer Digital training Videos (DTV) It got a benefits for a greater value, flexibility, choice, quality and trackability that the DTV training. DTV empowers users with the key knowledge for professional self-improvement in a fresh, entertaining, accessible and affordable way that is focusing on communication, teamwork and leadership advice. The past decade has been designing and delivering bespoke corporate communications solutions and programmes to thousands of employees of UK and international brands including AstraZeneca, Schering-Plough, Virgin and HMV that the DTV has been developed by communications specialist.

Are Driveless Cars A Bad or Good Idea

Posted By Marie

Date: June 25th, 2013

Category: Automotive

Are you ready for self driving cars? A car that park itself, sense other objects, cars and pedestrians? Yes you read it right, a driverless car where you as a usual driver can now relax and have more time to read book, browse your laptop without having to worry about navigating through traffic after a long day at work! This might sound like a science fiction, but did you know that these kinds of cars are being tested now? Google, Ford and various car manufacturers are already testing it. Expert engineers at Volvo believe it could happen within ten years from now.

The main goal of this new technology is to save fuel, lessen the mental stress and most importantly, reduce the number of traffic deaths and crashes, which appears to be the high cause of death rate in many countries like USA. The car could also connect to a wireless internet and a gps to exactly know where it should be going. Although this seems to be pleasing in the ears, this new technology still brings us up few issues that we should be aware of, including higher cost to the consumer, the need for more advanced infrastructure, the safety and hacking concern and the law that will eventually govern autonomous cars. Let’s go on these issues one by one.

• COST. Definitely, autonomous cars or driverless cars will cost consumer at least three thousand dollars more than the average cars price, and not all can afford to spend extra amount of money despite the fact that many people are enticed in driving such a vehicle. Auto manufacturers are more likely to appeal to more buyers if they are able to keep costs down, which is merely impossible.
• INFRASTRATURE. The infrastructure does not have enough support for autonomous cars. In addition to designing sensor systems that can detect other vehicles and objects they will also need to come up with a universal system that will enable cars to communicate with one another. This may prove to be an issue if many of the cars on the road will remain traditional cars. In addition to sensing other vehicles, cars will also need to be able to interpret traffic lights, signs and guard rails.
• SAFETY. If autonomous cars will depend on computers, hacking and viruses could be a possible issue. Therefore, we could not really say that using the driverless cars is safe enough.
• LAWS. We might be wondering now about what sort of laws will rule driverless cars. For example, a car that ran a red light? Who will be responsible for it? Will it be the driver of the car if the car is driving itself? Unfortunately, the government and some politicians are still refusing to even acknowledge such issue.

There is still so much work to be done. Everyone will surely have its own opinion about whether driverless cars are a good or bad idea. Would it really solve more problems than it would create? A question that, I think, time could only answer.

Discover the 5 Most Popular Innovative Companies for your Business

Posted By Marie

Date: May 7th, 2013

Category: Information

It is important to keep your business always on top of the market place, and with this technological age, it’s vital that your business use a premier provider of software and application development and web hosting infrastructure. In this article we will share you the top most popular innovative web companies that can help achieve all your business goals and maintain significant competitive advantage among others.

1. Twitter – an awesome tool to promote and grow your business in the World Wide Web. This microblogging phenom adds 10,000 users a day, and has boasted more than 200 million users today. You can find huge potential clients or customers for your business with Twitter, no doubt!

2. Facebook – A social network that everyone loves to hate (but secretly loves anyways) has now over 150 million active users and is still continue growing. It is the king of all web 2.0 sites.

3. Google – With Google Docs and the new Chrome browser, the search titan continues to take aim at Microsoft.

4. Tumblr – A free micro blogging platform that can help your business spread awareness about your brand easily. It’s like a combination of Twitter and Facebook, where you can also post and share images, videos, audios and short pieces of writing.

5. Digg – More than 35 million visitors per month submit 20,000 stories a day to the site. A recent $29 million financing round will keep the crowd thumbing through the downturn.

Tech Talks: Books vs. E-Readers

Posted By Jonette

Date: May 5th, 2013

Category: innovation

A lot of people right now are happily getting their reading done not with paper but with the innovation of digital screens. On the other hand, the purists scoff at digital pages and are sticking to their crinkly paper pages. Just what are the big differences between these two types of technologies?

First off, both types of technologies offer the pleasure of reading anytime and anywhere. You can take a book to the beach, bathtub, or subway just as much as you can take your e-reader with you.


An e-reader can store more than one title in itself – heck, you can choose to fill your e-reader with hundred of books to max capacity if you wish it. Books, however, can only be brought around as much as your bag will allow. There are some titles that have provocative covers that some folks may not may feel too nervous about reading in public. However, an e-reader will let you read any title as discreetly as possible. On the other hand, a paper book is something physical that you can hand to anyone. An e-book needs a medium and another electronic device to pass on the book.

photo credit: TheeErin via photopin cc

The Web and Its Innovation

Posted By Marie

Date: April 19th, 2013

Category: Information

When the World Wide Web begun more than years ago, a lot has changed. Even the Web itself has changed in so many ways. This innovation in web technology makes our communication a lot more easier. To give you an idea, here’s some of the most popular Web tech innovation that had really change our lives for the better.

Web Browser
Web browser is undeniably one of the most vital part of the entire internet experience, and without this, yur internet experience would surely be dull and boring. Among the popular web browser today includes Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari and the newest entrant, Google Chrome. All these browser allow us to retrieve and get information from the Web.

Search Engines
Of course, being able to see and interact with Web pages is only useful if you can find them. That’s where search engines come in. You probably forgot the first search engines such as Archie, Veronica, and Jughead. Today’s most prominent search engine on the Internet is Google.

Voice over Internet or mostly known as VoIP is a technology where you can be able to communicate with other people around the world using IP networks like the internet. One of the best example is the Skype. This application allows its over 520 million user to make a free call or make a video conferencing with no cost or with a very cheap price.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS), is another web innovation that let Web sites push updates — such as new blog posts or news articles — directly to a user, who can read those updates using a special RSS feed reader.

Forget the traditional method of buying your favorite personal items, Electronic commerce, or e-commerce, has indeed changed how we buy things. But aside from buying your favorite stuff, one of those industries in which e-commerce really shines is travel. Now you can book airline flights, hotel accommodation or car rental agencies with just a few click of your fingertips.

Web innovations had definitely improved our life in many aspects. Even learning any language can now be possible in just one click – I’m planning to learn Thai any day now. Yes! It is! Name it and anything you can imagine can be provided by the newly and modern web technologies.


Posted By Jonette

Date: February 25th, 2013

Category: innovation

There is more to presentations than just Powerpoint.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Microsoft Powerpoint has been our old faithful and go-to for presentations. Whether it be a pitch for a game or movie, a project proposal for your company’s next big product, or even just your history or book report for school, Powerpoint has held our hands and provided us with fonts, transition effects, and templates even our stodgiest grandparents would find agreeable. (Admit it, you still think the Curtain Call and Kimono themes were really pretty.)

Now, if you feel you’ve pretty much outgrown the bullet points that zoom by and the ultra! Colored! WordArt! That came with the program, perhaps it’s time to add some sophistication to your presentations. Reader, meet Prezi.


Prezi is a great presentation tool that will encourage you to think large and think structurally. Quite literally, it asks you to first think of the big picture for your presentation, and then go from section to section, zooming in and out along the way. It’s a very intuitive and effective tool you can use to wow your clients, your teacher, or even just your parents. With the right ideas, Prezi takes you a long way.

photo credit: bgblogging via photopin cc