Advantages of Web 2.0 eCommerce

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Web 2.0 eCommerce is one of the many boons of Web 2.0 innovations that have made online shopping experience very simple and effective. The biggest advantage of this application is that the provider of online services and products can offer better customer service and the customers can interact more easily and effectively. The various features of Web 2.0 eCommerce are being enumerated below.


Depending upon the satisfaction level obtained from the product or services, customers can leave a rating (on a 5 star rating scale) along with their comments on the online product’s catalogue. This enables other prospective customers to evaluate the suitability of the product.

Use Of Digital Video To Showcase A Product

With the advancement of Internet technology, it has now become very easy to display your product through video coverage on your website. The video coverage can be added in your description page with the help of websites such as or The response to a video display of any product is always greater than any other mode of publicity and Web 2.0 eCommerce has made this possible.


Using keywords for tagging a product on the online product catalogue is a very effective way of making it easy for a prospective customer to reach your website with minimum efforts. Gone are the days of searching with the use of product names or their descriptions. The need of the hour is speed, as time is invaluable for everyone.

Comparative Study

Web 2.0 eCommerce makes it possible for customers to make comparative studies of various products through product comparison websites, in order to get the best deal. You can plug your eCommerce website into these comparison websites such as and avail of the benefits of being easily discovered by prospective customers.

RSS Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) helps you to inform your customers through updated messages whenever you add a new product or make changes in your prices because of a promotion offer or for any other reason. Such immediate information cannot be achieved by any other means.

Instant Calling Option

With the help of Web 2.0 eCommerce applications, you can set up an instant calling facility on your website that will enable you to call your customers instantly. All that you need to do is to ask your customers to provide their contact numbers and the most convenient time when they can be contacted. You can take the help of to set up this facility.

Instant Message Service

Web 2.0 eCommerce also enables you to chat with your customers as if they were sitting across your table, whenever they visit your website and need any clarifications regarding your product. This service can be set up easily with the help of Effective marketing of an online product can only take place if you are able to communicate immediately with a prospective buyer and provide all the clarifications that s/he needs.

Web 2.0 eCommerce scores over its earlier version by providing an easier and larger scope of interaction between your website and the user.

Reminiscing Netscape

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Date: October 15th, 2014

Category: Information

When I was a freshman in college in 1995, the laboratory in the Institute of Computer Science used the ever popular (in those days) Netscape Navigator. This browser had been a household name amongst all students. It was considered fast, reliable and dependable. It never really occurred in our minds that a few years later it would cease to exist.

Netscape Navigator is a proprietary web browser that became popular in the 1990s. On its first press release, it announced that it would be free for download and use to all non-commercial users. However, they changed their policy within two months. By then, only educational and non-profit institutions could use Netscape without charge. Although this was the case, Netscape Navigator was still in the A-list because it made internet surfing a breeze. Most web browsers that time allowed for the display of the page only after the whole web page has been downloaded. One of the important innovations of Netscape was the real-time display of text and graphics as they are being downloaded. Web pages like the Australia business directory and some graphics heavy websites could have been easily downloaded using this browser.

Netscape reached its all-time high in usage share sometime in 1996. However, a competitor, Microsoft Internet Explorer, emerged. Although the earlier versions of IE was found to be inferior and primitive next to Netscape, they soon overrun Netscape sometime in 1997 as they improved in stability. Netscape tried to enhance itself by attaching email, news reader and other functions to its browser, which slowed it down tremendously. Netscape became prone to crashes, and people started to use IE more and more until Netscape eventually stopped developing in 2007. Now that’s a lesson we can all learn from.

Why Create and Use Metrics For Innovation

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Date: October 8th, 2014

Category: Business

Have you ever been asked how you measure innovation and most of the time, you do not know what to answer? This often happens to every businessman since there is not always a ready answer when it comes to measuring innovation. According to studies, only 1/3 of the companies in the world are able to put up their metrics for innovation formally. The others remain unaware of how these innovation metrics can help them succeed.

Now, another question is why – why should you have innovation metrics for your company? One of the best reasons that you will be given here is the adage that states that whatever it is that you are able to measure will be accomplished. This is very true especially when you are in the world of business. What the metrics for innovation do is that they motivate the leaders and the managers to accept and welcome innovation generally and be able to prioritize it continually. The most important thing here is that the metrics for innovation should be communicated well so that the goals will be achieved. In return, rewards will be given not only for the company but also for those who have exerted their greatest efforts in accomplishing the tasks.

These metrics should be applied to three different dimensions in the system of innovation in every company. These are the processes, the people and the strategic planning. There are five standard measures that are being used today and these are the performance, timing, financials, development costs and the quality. These five should be utilized along with the metrics so that you will not have a blind spot when it comes to knowing the reasons why something has occurred in your company. For instance, you have obtained a report that there is a 7% drop in the quarterly profits as well as a 14% increase in the service costs. The problem here is that you will not be able to tell your customer service team what they should do next for an upcoming call.

Usually, innovation metrics are for the products and this is why there is what we call now the product innovation metrics. You can cerate metrics that will allow you to measure the efficiency of the innovation performance metrics and the effectiveness of the innovation program metrics. For the former, you can include cumulative profits for the new products and services, the growth of the impact, which can be measured by means of subtracting the product revenues from the total revenue of the company and the survival rate of the new product. On the other hand, for measuring the effectiveness, you can gather reports about the mix on innovation portfolio, the process pipeline flow and the quickness of the product to be sold on the market.

With these things in mind you do not have to worry about why and how you should measure the innovation system. This is because it will be easy for you to deploy the framework for the metrics for innovation and be able to use them in every level of your company.

Breedlove Guitars – Tradition and Innovation

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Date: October 1st, 2014

The American history and development of Folk, Blues and Country has always featured the traditional flat top at its core. Although music changes and develops the guitar seemingly alters very little.

It would appear there is no appetite for unusual or ground breaking design in the world of acoustic guitars.

The appearance of Ovation guitars in the 1970′s or Rainsong in the 1990′s, brought about

synthetic materials, in truth these were and still are extremely well built instruments. As eco-conscious as we are, most players still seem to prefer classic designs in wood, based largely on Gibson and Martin.

Breedlove is a USA based custom guitar builder of medium size that may have managed to strike the perfect balance between traditional guitar building and innovatory design.

The company was established 20 years ago and has grown from a two man operation to a manufacturer of guitars and mandolins in two countries across the price scale. Originally based in Southern California they now operate from a 20,000 square ft facility in Bend, Oregon.

From the outset the company chose not to replicate vintage designs but rather incorporate traditional tonewoods into some fairly radical designs, the most significant being their bridge truss system (originally developed by JLD guitar research and development).

The system suspended from the bridge plate uses a rod that pushes against the tail block and transfers torque and tension from the bridge to the sides of the guitar. The purpose of this is to remove stress from the top, improve resonance, and to enhance sustain and bass response.

Breedlove now also produce a series of less radical, vintage style acoustics produced both in the USA and Korea at all price levels. All in all the company seem to be able to combine innovative designs with the traditional very successfully. This is borne out by the increasing number of artists now playing them e.g. Chris Hillman (Byrds, Desert Rose Band), Jeff Tweedy etc.

Geo Here, Geo There …. Why not Geo Everything!

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Date: September 24th, 2014

geocachingFrom geo-tagging, where digital pictures were loaded with locational data from an attached GPS receiver to today’s geo-caching which is a way of reminding you where you wrote note, took a picture or did something online while on the move, the file sharing service allows geocoding of all your files that have been uploaded to their system and that’s just the beginning with more features to come. You not only get to share content with the world, you also get to access your content, quickly through an abbreviated URL making it available anytime and every time as long as you have an internet connection. Like dropping candy for Hansel and Gretel to pick-up, you gain the ability to browse a map representing a specific area, move your mouse around and find stuff (files, notes, pictures or just about anything you deem fit to upload to their servers). Read the rest of this entry »

Firefox Gains On Internet Explorer In Businesses

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Date: September 17th, 2014

Category: Announcement

Hidden in the numbers is an indication that Internet Explorer 7 is having trouble finding traction as companies are sticking with the 6-year-old Internet Explorer 6. Microsoft released IE7 in October 2006, but 55.2% of companies still used IE6 as of December 2007. Only 23.4% of companies used IE7, barely outpacing the growth and use of Firefox.¬†Firefox 2.0, also released in October 2006, “almost completely replaced” the previous version of Firefox, version 1.5.

That result, along with Firefox’s growth despite the fact that “Mozilla continues to expend little energy on wooing IT managers to formally adopt Firefox,” as the report notes, could indicate that employees rather than IT managers are driving Firefox adoption. ¬†

Real Creativity Innovation

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Date: September 10th, 2014

Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual – ARTHUR KOESTLER.

Often in life we ignore real creativity Innovation and creative thinking from the earliest memories of a child as we are commonly taught to ‘follow’ other children and then adults like tin soldiers into adulthood. Who ever taught you to think and listen within? Or that real creativity Innovation – does not come from outside of our being. In fact, we are born within of unlimited creativity and innovation if only we would learn the art of listening, believing and journeying within.

Some of the greatest architects, sculptors, artists, businessmen, businesswomen, doctors, celebrities male and female would never have effectively contributed to society had they never listened, journeyed and believed within. I believe we are living in a technological world where creative ideas and real creativity innovation is the principle ruling universal force.

By this I mean the Internet and modern day inventions is now allowing the world of people to design, write, create and innovate without limit. We cannot produce enough hours in the day to keep up or satisfy the demand’s of the world. Even now the world competes with each and every inhabitant mind against mind and innovation against innovation directly over the World Wide Web.

This is perhaps how thing’s always were and has now come “Full Circle” back to our origin within. No longer can education claim to have fashioned anything as we see in the new modern world of technology most things are being created out of spirit to spirit, passion and innate wisdom.

In Feb 2010, the BBC reported that Peter Horrocks the new director has ordered Journalists to use Social Media. He describes modern-day technology as: “This isn’t just a kind of fad from someone who’s an enthusiast of technology. I’m afraid you’re not doing your job if you can’t do those things. It’s not discretionary”, he is quoted as saying in the BBC in-house weekly Ariel.” [Source: Guardian.Co.UK]


What most people do not realize and will struggle to make the shift of what was into what is now being the old industrial, manufacturing world into the new modern technological, services world. All this adds up to one thing you INNOVATE, CREATE OR FADE into oblivion. No, this does not necessarily mean you have to relocate, do a degree or heavily invest. It could just be that you start by listening within, meditating, take a sabbatical and get in touch with YOU for a change – within. YOU will be amazed of the limitless wisdom one carries within that is just waiting to instruct you how to be the next MySpace, YouTube or Facebook, now worth an estimated 1 billion USD.

Taking time out to listen to only you is the seat of not only universal wisdom, innovation and creation but your potential future. Technology now gives everyone around the world an even playing-field. Journalists have all been dethroned from what once was a specialist field has now become a global mom and pop field because everyone now can write, type and press send or submit. Of course, there is still novice and professional but with millions of people online you may receive as much if not more views or licks than most journalists.

The bottom line is fear not. Take the time to listen to your creative ideas, then innovate and create your world and passion and watch life uplift, bless and empower you beyond your wildest dreams online or offline.

Style Sheets vs. Frames as Web Extensions

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Date: September 3rd, 2014

Category: innovation

In considering how to extend the Web with new technologies, it is instructive to compare Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) with frames. CSS is an elegantly designed extension, whereas frames suck, as I have said many times CSS is backward compatibleto the extent that viewing a style-enhanced site with an older browser causes no problems at all. Of course, the user doesn’t see the stylistic enhancements made possible by CSS (e.g., multiple fonts and indented margins), but the text of the page will be readable and will be presented in a reasonable default style (of course, the extent to which you deem the default presentation reasonable depends on your assessment of the quality of typography in mainstream browsers: admittedly rather poor). In contrast, a page designed with frames is useless for a user with an old browser.CSS isorthogonal to other featuresin Web browsing. When multiple style sheets become supported in future releases of the mainstream browsers, users might want to learn the command to switch between styles, but they won’t have to. Read the rest of this entry »

Windows VPS Hosting – Gold Mine For Software Developers

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The Windows VPS hosting solutions have made it much easier for website and software developers alike. These plans have made it easier in the areas of cost effectiveness, application installation and server control. There are very few technical differences between a virtual server and a dedicated server, while there is a large difference in price. VPS hosting solutions have become the most popular hosting solution in recent times because of these reasons.

Cost Effectiveness

As stated before, today’s virtual servers offer almost all of the benefits that dedicated servers do. You must purchase a physical system to run your websites on a dedicated server, whereas there is no need for physical equipment with a virtual private server. Webmasters and software developers prefer virtual servers because the dedicated server systems are expensive to buy. They are still able to customize their applications because virtual servers allow them to access any previously stored computer resources.


Having a Windows VPS hosting account makes the whole server process a lot more convenient. Depending on the host you choose, your virtual server can be managed and closely watching by the host company. Most companies offer burstable RAM, which makes it more convenient for webmasters and software developers to complete smaller tasks. The resource capacity on your server will be managed by your host and you will be notified if you need to upgrade to a higher usage account.

Unlimited Program Usage

Many developers use different programs to create software. A shared server puts limits on the applications that can be used on the server. On the other hand, any application (as long as it is legal) is allowed to be used with a Windows VPS hosting account. If need be, developers can even combine different applications on the server. This flexibility gives developers and webmasters so much more leeway in their creations. Open source applications are another perk of Windows VPS hosting. These applications are offered for free, as opposed to high costing proprietary applications.

Backing Up Your Data: Online

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Date: August 20th, 2014

Category: innovation


We all need to back up our files from our personal computers. It is an important practice that users must observe. Yet it is always often taken for granted. When we fail to do so, we lose important documents, photos, videos and contacts and so much more. Sad to say hard drives are not always safe to back your files up. It has a life cycle. Given around 8-10 years. Considering that it doesn’t bog down due to power surge. You may opt to use file recovery applications. But these are often than not, time consuming.The best way is to prevent it from happening rather than looking for softwares to retrieve your lost files. So as a rule of thumb, we are suggested to back up our files every time you have a new and important file to keep.

Some important data to back up are:

  • Family photos
  • Documents
  • Bookmarks
  • Address book
  • Emails
  • Work files and folders

There might be files you want to save. Its really up to you which is important to keep in case your hard drive fails. You should go through your computer and think about any information you would not want to lose if your hard drive should fail.