Holidays Logo – It is Time to Mingle

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Logo designs’ significance is discussed various times, how it helps in identifying your business, how it smiles at your prospects, how it talks to your clients, how it generates the concept and bring life to your business. I know, you know it very well.

You must have gone through the above holiday logos sticking to the Google home page through out the year. The 34 beautifully designed enriched with concept ingredients Holidays logos have been displayed in the year 2010.

Question is why people need to have holidays logo in their websites. Why thousands of graphic designers are busy in designing holidays event in the logo form. Do they want to convey any kind of message by Holidays logo? Does it help business to pick a grip of development? Here are the answers why you have to have Holidays logo at your online door. Why Do Holidays logos have such importance?


People get bored while seeing old boring and dull logos (they become like that after some time), so there is a need of eye-soothing and up-to-date Custom Logo Design that psychologically provide users a comfortable visit to your site. If you value your customers, you need to take care of their needs and problems.

Cultural Festivity

There are several events that connect group of people or society at the country or even at the global platform, cultural and religious festivals like Halloween, summer, Christmas etc which bind people from different geographical location and provide the unanimous celebrations. So when you value people from different backgrounds, you are expanding your business globally. Thus, holiday Logo Designs do.


Connecting with different people, celebrating diversifying events, giving value to various religions, going hand with hand with the common people is actually promoting your business implicitly and it has much greater influence then any other promotional package. You actually make them realize that you are there with their happy time. You tell them that we are happy when you clap on the new-year occasion. We wear horror masks too when its Halloween night. So get set go for the next holiday and tell them that if they are happy, you are too.

Apple TV Connectivity

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Date: June 25th, 2015

The next for this series is the connectivity

Although the Apple TV is projected as a wireless device and that it can function with the built-in airport antennae, it can also have connectivity with the Ethernet cable. So this is a good news for people without wireless routers or wifi routers at home.

What’s lacking in the Apple TV or what’s left undeveloped is that if you have your own videos stored in your PC or Mac, and retrieve it using your IEEE 802.11n Apple TV, it really takes time to get it, as opposed to using the Ethernet cable where it is just a flash when it comes to retrieving DVD-rips and such.

New Innovations

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Date: June 18th, 2015

How do you produce ideas for new innovations? Here is a great technique: Extract some basic ideas from existing products and inventions, and then apply them to new areas.

If you look at a thermostat, for example, you might think “A device to control the indoor climate.” This is certainly an idea that can be used to come up with something new. You have to look a little deeper, though, if you want more creative innovations. Continue with, “It measures the temperature and then, using that information, turns the heater on or off, to keep the house comfortable.”

Continuing even deeper, we see that it uses measurement in order to control something. Let’s work with that concept. With the technology that exists today, we can make things happen automatically, according to almost anything we can automatically measure. This is a powerful concept that can and will lead to some fantastic new innovations.

In an article on thought control, I pointed out that since we can measure the changing activity of the brain as we change the nature of our thoughts, we can already build a device that is operated just by our thoughts. Even with the technology of thirty years ago, we could have had a TV turn on whenever one’s pulse rate increased. If you then trained yourself to increase your pulse rate by thinking certain thoughts, you could turn on a television with your thoughts.

Other New Innovations

To have many such ideas and new innovations, just look around and start applying the basic concept of control by measurement. Looking at the television, and thinking of measurable things related to it, time is an obvious one. There are “sleep timers” that turn the TV off after a certain amount of time, but how about a device that only allows the TV to be on for three hours in any given day? Kids can watch when they want, but they won’t be able to watch too much.

A thermometer gives me the idea for a sign that changes it’s message according to the weather. A restaurant, for example, could have the sign say “Come in out of the cold,” when it was cold, or “Cool off with an ice cold drink,” when it was hot, and so on. I’m sure there are other businesses whose messages would be variously more or less effective according to the weather.

When I look at the traffic, I see that speed can be measured. There are already those radar signs now, that tell you how fast you are going. There could be a sign down the road that says “Slow down, we’re taking your picture,” or the radar gun could turn on a fake siren whenever someone goes ten miles per hour over the limit. The idea is simply that their speed triggers something that will hopefully slow them down.

Yesterday I saw a new invention that measures your girth. So what does it do with that information? Well, if you hold your stomach in, you get clear sound in your headphones. If you let your stomach hang out, the music is low quality and loses volume. While I’m not sure how well this stomach-exercise-motivator will sell, it does show how using the concept of measurement to control can lead to very different innovations. In fact, any application of a basic concept to new areas can lead to new innovations.

Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

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Are you thinking of making your own website? Or probably the traffic of your website is disappointingly low? One of the factors that may have an effect on the popularity of your website is the domain, and choosing the perfect name for your website can be tricky. First off, you should take into consideration the nature of your website.

Is your personal site? Maybe you should consider using your name. Is it a business site? Keep it very professional. Is it just for kicks? Make it FUN! Your site domain should be related to the actual content of the site; otherwise, you are misleading the visitors of your site. Second, choose the extension the site that you fancy. Should it be .com, .org, or something else?

Different extensions say something about the nature of your website, so you must keep in mind that your site’s content has some connection to the domain names and extension. Third, like in all things important in life, you should always K.I.S.S. – that is, Keep It Simple, Stupid! A long domain name will be difficult to remember, thus this can decrease your site’s traffic. Remember that domain names should be short and simple enough for people to recall it quickly. Also, other points to consider: Your website domain name is the primary thing that you must consider because it is the thing that you are going to promote in the future. The domain name should encapsulate the gist of what your website is all about.


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Date: June 4th, 2015

Category: Announcement

WEB INNOVATION 2007 will be the forum for Designers, Developers, Product Managers, Entrepreneurs, Enterprise, VCs, Marketing Specialists, Strategists, Consultants and others to understand the WEB 2.0 tools, trends and technologies better in order to harness endless business opportunities.This edition of WEB INNOVATION 2007 will be held in The Grand Ashok Bangalore, from 18-19 December. It will focus on the following:

  • Web 2.0 & beyond
  • Evolution of the web design and development markets
  • Define how the web will drive newer successful businesses in the days to follow
  • Innovative Technologies, Models and Methods for building and harnessing the Next generation Web
  • How technology and business enterprises could collaborate and harness endless business opportunities, maintain market leadership and competitive edge
  • The Trade show floor showcasing the Web 2.0 tools, trends and technologies


Car Computers – Research Indicates They Are Extremely Vulnerable

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Anti-virus software is a colossal industry; and for a good reason. Everyday hackers steal myriads of vital information losing companies and consumers’ time and money alike. Anti-virus software along with other programs are continually updated in preemptive attempts to thwart future cyber attacks.

Your computer may not be you’re only valuable at risk. A group of researchers from the Universities of California and Washington feel the auto industry in particular, is highly susceptible to cyber attacks. In fact, after a slew of controlled tests in which researcher attempted to cyber hack a few recently released vehicles, the findings were alarming.

Researchers who “cyber hacked” an array of vehicles found that with a little tweaking they were able to control many of the vehicles vital components. Even when the physical driver would attempt to intervene and manually gain control of the vehicle, the hackers were able to over ride the manual controls and in essence have the control of the drivers life.

Once given access to an on board diagnostic port installed for dealers to quickly access the vehicles computer, researchers were able to set up a wireless network in which they could send and receive the information needed to remotely access the vehicles. By flooding the vehicles system with packs of data, the researchers were shockingly able to map-out and manage many of the vehicles controls.

After an array of tests, researchers found that they were able to perform an assortment of tasks ranging from maintaining the volume of the radio to completely disabling the breaks at high speeds. The tests found holes in these systems highlighting the fact that there is in fact a huge potential window for cyber attacks.
The researchers found that hacking these complex vehicle computer systems was relatively easy in light of the fact that some vehicle systems can carry more complex computer code than a fighter jet. Researchers are hoping the public and media will find these results un-ignorable.

As vehicles get more and more autonomous, they naturally begin to rely more and more on their computer systems. As connectivity and the use of electronic data increases, the likelihood of hackers potentially attempting to enter vehicle systems drastically increases. With vehicles heavily relying on computer systems to function, the potential threat of a hacker becomes more and more a serious issue that could have vast detrimental consequences.

Due to the lack of efficiency in their computer systems, many auto manufactures have taken a plethora of bad media and lost a great deal of income due to the degradation in consumer trust and appeal. The fact that nearly half of all automotive warranty claims come from vehicle electronics systems already says a lot about the security and functionality of many of these vehicle computer systems. To add to the surmounting pressure of the volatility of vehicle systems, up to half the purchase cost attributed to many high end vehicles is directly accrued from purchasing these systems.

Researchers are hoping that by providing concrete evidence on how fragile these automotive computer systems actually are, the automotive industry and public alike will recognize the drastic need for IT and how it can help integrate up-to-date, safer systems. These aspirations for newer more secure systems aim is to provide increased safety, increased security, boost consumer trust and appeal, and to decrease maintenance and failure costs.

The world is constantly transforming due to the technological advances happening every day. As the world changes, industries, such as the automotive industry, must do everything possible to remain a lucrative business. Whether it is reducing emissions, meeting governmental safety regulations, or keeping your vehicles data system secure, there is always something new for the pack to chase.

Connect to your Emails on the beaches of Honduras

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The white-sand beaches of Parque Nacional Jeannette Kawas, the outstanding national parks of Lago de Yojoa the great facilities of Utila with regards to accommodation and food are the lure of Honduras. In between all these excitement, you can’t forget your vital mails that sit on your Outlook mailbox. In such circumstances, just configure your phone with your mailbox through your hosted Exchange provider.

MS Exchange can only be configured with your device if you have that option on your phone. Also, it is imperative to verify whether your gadget has access to the local providers in Honduras. Another key thing to bear in mind is that while on a trip to another country, it is significant to check with the local wireless providers’ plans so that you can benefit from the leading web hosting exchange features that too peacefully. In Honduras, Claro is the key wireless provider. Read the rest of this entry »

VoIP – The next communications Standard

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Date: May 14th, 2015

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voip.jpgGone are the days of expensive international calls and in with VoIP which is cheaper and better in most cases. Most offices and homes have access to high-speed internet and that being the case, the move to shift to VoIP was only time before it caught on. First utilized by call centers who used them fro their calls and marketing, they used to be so expensive that it was affordable only to large scale businesses. Today, VoIP has evolved from software based to hardware based systems that have boxes loaded with all the necessary software and hardware that makes deployment easier.
Traditional calls used to cost an arm and a leg and is one of the most expensive costs multi-national businesses had to contend with. Being vital for business, they had to deploy expensive PBX systems that allowed more and more people to access telephone systems for their needs. Major hardware and software communications developers are now developing and beginning to deploy digital PBX systems that use VoIP as the communications platform. The days of traditional telephone systems might be numbered but many people don’t mind having both standards in the home for the reliability of the internet is still quite shaky at best. Small glitches in cables and other supporting hardware has the capability to cut off a whole continent and with forecasts by internet experts that the current internet’s design is to max-out at 2010 gives little consolation.
VoIP has made communications faster and cheaper but the underlying technology which is the internet may have to evolve as well to cope with increasing demand and needs.

Apple TV doesn’t live up to its promise, Jobs blames movie studios

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Date: May 7th, 2015

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During the MacWorld Conference and Expo last January of 2008, Steve Jobs announced the launch of iTunes rentals and promised to be able to offer at the very least, 1,000 titles for consumers to rent by the end of February. And since February is over and coming in to mid-March, the number of titles tallies between 400 to 600 movies, and this is a big embarrassment to the Cupertino-based company.Apple CEO, Steve Jobs blames “those pesky studios and their rights agreements are once again the problem. Many of the movies Apple wants to offer on iTunes were released before Internet distribution was a possibility, meaning that download royalty agreements have to [be] signed between studios, actors, and copyright owners. As we’ve seen from the WGA strike, arguing about royalties tends to take time, but Apple is saying that the 1,000 titles will be available ‘soon.’”According to other news sources, the quality of audio and video doesn’t fit to what Jobs expects to offer to consumers of the iTunes store. Some HD movies don’t use Dolby Digital 5.1 and is quite disappointing.Apple Fans must not worry and would not wait in vain for the success to happen. It only takes time before the industry and the market adjusts to the business model of the iTunes store. Just like when the store started in 2003 where it measly offered 200,000 cuts but now has over 6 million songs

The 25 Most Innovative Products of the Year (Part 1)

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Date: April 30th, 2015

Break on through: Among the Innovation Award winners are HP’s TouchSmart (displaying Microsoft’s Popfly), Toshiba’s Portege R500 (displaying, Seagate’s hybrid hard drive, NetGear’s Digital Entertainer HD EVA8000, and — no surprise — Apple’s iPhone.

Make no mistake, the Web is taking over. Applications are moving to browsers en masse, and technology to take Web apps offline promises to smooth the road ahead. And let’s not forget breakthrough devices advancing the Web-anywhere world: Apple has redefined the phone, and One Laptop per Child’s sub-$200 laptop is delivering Internet-style collaboration to kids in developing nations. But innovation isn’t all on the Web; the PC is evolving as well. Apple has reenvisioned backup, HP has created the first useful touch-screen PC, hybrid hard drives boost speed and battery life, and ultraportables have become even more useful. Chosen from the hundreds of products we reviewed in 2007, here are 25 that will change the way you work, communicate, and play this year — and beyond.

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