Connect to your Emails on the beaches of Honduras

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The white-sand beaches of Parque Nacional Jeannette Kawas, the outstanding national parks of Lago de Yojoa the great facilities of Utila with regards to accommodation and food are the lure of Honduras. In between all these excitement, you can’t forget your vital mails that sit on your Outlook mailbox. In such circumstances, just configure your phone with your mailbox through your hosted Exchange provider.

MS Exchange can only be configured with your device if you have that option on your phone. Also, it is imperative to verify whether your gadget has access to the local providers in Honduras. Another key thing to bear in mind is that while on a trip to another country, it is significant to check with the local wireless providers’ plans so that you can benefit from the leading web hosting exchange features that too peacefully. In Honduras, Claro is the key wireless provider. Read the rest of this entry »

VoIP – The next communications Standard

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Date: May 14th, 2015

Category: innovation

voip.jpgGone are the days of expensive international calls and in with VoIP which is cheaper and better in most cases. Most offices and homes have access to high-speed internet and that being the case, the move to shift to VoIP was only time before it caught on. First utilized by call centers who used them fro their calls and marketing, they used to be so expensive that it was affordable only to large scale businesses. Today, VoIP has evolved from software based to hardware based systems that have boxes loaded with all the necessary software and hardware that makes deployment easier.
Traditional calls used to cost an arm and a leg and is one of the most expensive costs multi-national businesses had to contend with. Being vital for business, they had to deploy expensive PBX systems that allowed more and more people to access telephone systems for their needs. Major hardware and software communications developers are now developing and beginning to deploy digital PBX systems that use VoIP as the communications platform. The days of traditional telephone systems might be numbered but many people don’t mind having both standards in the home for the reliability of the internet is still quite shaky at best. Small glitches in cables and other supporting hardware has the capability to cut off a whole continent and with forecasts by internet experts that the current internet’s design is to max-out at 2010 gives little consolation.
VoIP has made communications faster and cheaper but the underlying technology which is the internet may have to evolve as well to cope with increasing demand and needs.

Apple TV doesn’t live up to its promise, Jobs blames movie studios

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Date: May 7th, 2015

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During the MacWorld Conference and Expo last January of 2008, Steve Jobs announced the launch of iTunes rentals and promised to be able to offer at the very least, 1,000 titles for consumers to rent by the end of February. And since February is over and coming in to mid-March, the number of titles tallies between 400 to 600 movies, and this is a big embarrassment to the Cupertino-based company.Apple CEO, Steve Jobs blames “those pesky studios and their rights agreements are once again the problem. Many of the movies Apple wants to offer on iTunes were released before Internet distribution was a possibility, meaning that download royalty agreements have to [be] signed between studios, actors, and copyright owners. As we’ve seen from the WGA strike, arguing about royalties tends to take time, but Apple is saying that the 1,000 titles will be available ‘soon.’”According to other news sources, the quality of audio and video doesn’t fit to what Jobs expects to offer to consumers of the iTunes store. Some HD movies don’t use Dolby Digital 5.1 and is quite disappointing.Apple Fans must not worry and would not wait in vain for the success to happen. It only takes time before the industry and the market adjusts to the business model of the iTunes store. Just like when the store started in 2003 where it measly offered 200,000 cuts but now has over 6 million songs

The 25 Most Innovative Products of the Year (Part 1)

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Date: April 30th, 2015

Break on through: Among the Innovation Award winners are HP’s TouchSmart (displaying Microsoft’s Popfly), Toshiba’s Portege R500 (displaying, Seagate’s hybrid hard drive, NetGear’s Digital Entertainer HD EVA8000, and — no surprise — Apple’s iPhone.

Make no mistake, the Web is taking over. Applications are moving to browsers en masse, and technology to take Web apps offline promises to smooth the road ahead. And let’s not forget breakthrough devices advancing the Web-anywhere world: Apple has redefined the phone, and One Laptop per Child’s sub-$200 laptop is delivering Internet-style collaboration to kids in developing nations. But innovation isn’t all on the Web; the PC is evolving as well. Apple has reenvisioned backup, HP has created the first useful touch-screen PC, hybrid hard drives boost speed and battery life, and ultraportables have become even more useful. Chosen from the hundreds of products we reviewed in 2007, here are 25 that will change the way you work, communicate, and play this year — and beyond.

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Motorola Redefines Driving Experience With Smart Rider(TM) In-Vehicle Phone

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Date: April 23rd, 2015

Category: Announcement

This phone an integral part of every driver’s journey, Motorola, Inc (NYSE: MOT) today announced the debut of the Motorola Smart Rider(TM) phone, an innovative in vehicle solution featuring GPS navigation, an interactive voice activation, a Bluetooth(TM) wireless technology and exceptional audio quality that’s sure to make this phone.Ensuring that users can converse, navigate and tend to business while on-the-go for the unique hands-free solution, the smart rider phone uses GSM technology to enhance user experience. It is designed to operate in unison with the user’s daily needs and environment that the Smart Rider is the next generation in-vehicle phone.

Firefox Gains On Internet Explorer In Businesses

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Date: April 16th, 2015

Category: Announcement

Hidden in the numbers is an indication that Internet Explorer 7 is having trouble finding traction as companies are sticking with the 6-year-old Internet Explorer 6. Microsoft released IE7 in October 2006, but 55.2% of companies still used IE6 as of December 2007. Only 23.4% of companies used IE7, barely outpacing the growth and use of Firefox. Firefox 2.0, also released in October 2006, “almost completely replaced” the previous version of Firefox, version 1.5.

That result, along with Firefox’s growth despite the fact that “Mozilla continues to expend little energy on wooing IT managers to formally adopt Firefox,” as the report notes, could indicate that employees rather than IT managers are driving Firefox adoption.  


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Date: April 9th, 2015

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私達は皆、自分のPCのファイルをバックアップする必要があります。 これはユーザーが行う必要がある重要な項目です。 しかし、あまり気にかけない人がほとんどのようです。 これを怠ると重要な書類、写真、ビデオ、連絡先などを失うことになります。 残念ながら、ハードディスクは貴方のファイルを保存するのに必ずしも安全な場所ではありません。 ハードディスクには寿命があります。 典型的には8-10年の寿命しかありません。 これは電力の急激な流れで完全に停止してしまうことが無い場合です。 修復アプリケーションを使用することもできますが、時間が掛ります。失ったファイルをアプリケーションで修復するより、予防するほうが良いでしょう。 原則として、新しい重要なファイルが作成されたらすぐバックアップをすることをお勧めします。


  • 家族の写真
  • 書類
  • ブックマーク
  • アドレス帳
  • 電子メール
  • 仕事のファイルとフォルダー

貴方が保存したいファイルもあるでしょう。 ハードドライブが故障した時のためにどのファイルを保存するかは貴方次第です。 ハードドライブが故障した時、どの情報を保存しておきたいか考え、自分のコンピューター内を探してみるとよいでしょう。

Are Driveless Cars A Bad or Good Idea

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Date: April 2nd, 2015

Category: Automotive

Are you ready for self driving cars? A car that park itself, sense other objects, cars and pedestrians? Yes you read it right, a driverless car where you as a usual driver can now relax and have more time to read book, browse your laptop without having to worry about navigating through traffic after a long day at work! This might sound like a science fiction, but did you know that these kinds of cars are being tested now? Google, Ford and various car manufacturers are already testing it. Expert engineers at Volvo believe it could happen within ten years from now.

The main goal of this new technology is to save fuel, lessen the mental stress and most importantly, reduce the number of traffic deaths and crashes, which appears to be the high cause of death rate in many countries like USA. The car could also connect to a wireless internet and a gps to exactly know where it should be going. Although this seems to be pleasing in the ears, this new technology still brings us up few issues that we should be aware of, including higher cost to the consumer, the need for more advanced infrastructure, the safety and hacking concern and the law that will eventually govern autonomous cars. Let’s go on these issues one by one.

• COST. Definitely, autonomous cars or driverless cars will cost consumer at least three thousand dollars more than the average cars price, and not all can afford to spend extra amount of money despite the fact that many people are enticed in driving such a vehicle. Auto manufacturers are more likely to appeal to more buyers if they are able to keep costs down, which is merely impossible.
• INFRASTRATURE. The infrastructure does not have enough support for autonomous cars. In addition to designing sensor systems that can detect other vehicles and objects they will also need to come up with a universal system that will enable cars to communicate with one another. This may prove to be an issue if many of the cars on the road will remain traditional cars. In addition to sensing other vehicles, cars will also need to be able to interpret traffic lights, signs and guard rails.
• SAFETY. If autonomous cars will depend on computers, hacking and viruses could be a possible issue. Therefore, we could not really say that using the driverless cars is safe enough.
• LAWS. We might be wondering now about what sort of laws will rule driverless cars. For example, a car that ran a red light? Who will be responsible for it? Will it be the driver of the car if the car is driving itself? Unfortunately, the government and some politicians are still refusing to even acknowledge such issue.

There is still so much work to be done. Everyone will surely have its own opinion about whether driverless cars are a good or bad idea. Would it really solve more problems than it would create? A question that, I think, time could only answer.

Microsoft Dynamics and Outlook Integration

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Organizations, be it small or big, seek ways to improve the efficiency of work from all the perspective—be it sales, marketing, productivity, and the least to Outlook integration—we want things to be done in an organized and hassle-free manner. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps us meet most of our problems with this regard. Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration with Microsoft Outlook is the widely used email software for many organizations and the most used application in the Office suite. Microsoft Dynamics integration with Microsoft Outlook allows for improved integration and implementation by users who are already familiar with the layout of Outlook. Moreover the integration with Outlook means we as a user waste less time switching between programmes, thus improving output in the office.
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Apple patches keep coming: Mac OS, Safari beta fixed

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Date: March 26th, 2015

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Apple kept its rush of year-end security patches coming Monday, issuing a flurry of fixes for its Mac OS X operating system and the test version of its Safari browser.

Monday’s patches included a whopping 31 updates for the Apple operating system. The Mac OS X patches fix components ranging from the Address Book and iChat software to under-the-covers operating system components such as ColorSync, the IO Storage Family, and the Perl, Python and Ruby programming languages.

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