Facebook Games

Posted By Jonette

Date: January 27th, 2013

medium_2812431296Facebook games have long been considered one of the biggest time wasters on the Internet today. Games such as Farmville and Cityville have now become synonymous to Facebook itself, and has raked in billions for both Mark Zuckerberg and Zynga. What makes these games unique compared to other online gaming outfits is that there are certain challenges that require friends to achieve, bolstering the social aspect further.

However, some game formats have become tired horses for the more discerning gamers out there. The MUD-“click to do action” types of games have had their day, but more and more gamers now feel there should be something more to the experience. Micro- and macro-management games such as Farmville and Cityville have spawned a number of other similar games, but gamers have also tired of this style – too many clicks with too little rewards. It’s a good thing that more innovative game creators have come up with their own new flavor of games to spark interest in gamers and keep them playing on Facebook.

photo credit: Stéfan via photopin cc

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