Posted By Jonette

Date: December 10th, 2014

Category: innovation

There is more to presentations than just Powerpoint.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Microsoft Powerpoint has been our old faithful and go-to for presentations. Whether it be a pitch for a game or movie, a project proposal for your company’s next big product, or even just your history or book report for school, Powerpoint has held our hands and provided us with fonts, transition effects, and templates even our stodgiest grandparents would find agreeable. (Admit it, you still think the Curtain Call and Kimono themes were really pretty.)

Now, if you feel you’ve pretty much outgrown the bullet points that zoom by and the ultra! Colored! WordArt! That came with the program, perhaps it’s time to add some sophistication to your presentations. Reader, meet Prezi.


Prezi is a great presentation tool that will encourage you to think large and think structurally. Quite literally, it asks you to first think of the big picture for your presentation, and then go from section to section, zooming in and out along the way. It’s a very intuitive and effective tool you can use to wow your clients, your teacher, or even just your parents. With the right ideas, Prezi takes you a long way.

photo credit: bgblogging via photopin cc

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