Web 2.0 – Ooh, shiny.

Posted By Jonette

Date: December 23rd, 2012

Ever since the dawn of Web 2.0, websites the Internet over have become shinier, glossier, and more colorful. Gone are the days of drab websites, boring frames, and text that just sucks the life out of whatever content you post. Now, fontssmall_462282405, resolutions, and design matter just as much as the pictures and articles on the website. Now, eye-catching and elegant photo slideshows and presentations are possible. (Hello, Photosnack and Prezi!) Blogs and websites are now more iconic, carrying a defining look, logo and color scheme that is recognizable anywhere. The web has now become more visual than ever.

However, it can be also very easy to get carried away with all the shiny add-ons. Some websites, end up having too many visual bells and whistles for them to make sense, and navigation can become confusing and discouraging for first –time users. Too much design can result in bad design. Simplicity is often key to attaining true elegance, even on the Internet.

photo credit: whiteafrican via photopin cc

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